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Dr. A.C. Agrawal: He is a seasoned insurance expert. His experience of 30 years in the insurance industry speaks itself about his knowledge, expertise & technical know-how. Starting his career as a Direct Recruit Officer in the year 1986 with United India Insurance Co. Ltd., He made his presence right from the basic level of Branch & Divisional Offices to the Regional Office Mumbai which is considered to be the Mecca of insurance & headed almost all the department like Marketing, Fire, Marine, Miscellaneous, Engineering under-wring & claims.

He has been pioneer in dealing with several prestigious clients during his tenure. He always had an edge over others on account of his sharp strategies, impeccable risk assessment, loss reduction measure, quick response, unbiased opinion & overall client & employee friendly attitude. After attaining his superannuation in the year 2016 he is fully devoted to the overall management of Adept Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessors with his versatile personality & rich experience. Under his able leadership he has taken Adept to greater heights & thus truly he is the back bone of the Adept.

From the Partner Desk

the Partner Desk

Mr. Saurabh Agrawal

Mr. Saurabh Agrawal: Meticulous, articulate and a go getter are the appropriate adjectives for him. His excellent knowledge about the market and the industry makes him stand out from his competitor. An Electronic Engineer from Mumbai University makes him apt for the industry.

Mr. Alok Kapadia

Mr. Alok Kapadia: An IT Engineer and an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University makes him an excellent risk assessor, a wonderful executor. He is a rare blend of knowledge and humility combined with lethal combination of techno marketer which proves that he is the most loved figure among his clients and the team members.
Our Inception


Adept Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors , as the name suggests stands tall for excellent skill sets and proficiency. In the world of insurance where people are still quite skeptical in investing in an insurance policy it provides the best of services to their clients on pan India basis. Precision with minimum TAT is a hall mark to us.
Mr. Saurabh Agrawal incepted the idea of exploring and serving the insurance survey and loss assessment industry in the year 2014 . With his excellent market knowledge he has been able to cater to top banks and other clients and has been able to multiply the revenues in terms of value and volume multifold. Today Adept Insurance Surveyor and Loss Assessors is one of the most trusted brand in the Insurance Surveyor and Loss assessment fraternity.
The sole vision of Adept Insurance Surveyor and Loss Assessors is to provide excellent and dedicated service to corporate, companies, varied financial institutions for their varied needs.
Our USP is experienced and knowledgeable staffs who are always on their toes to provide utmost customer satisfaction and following the lead time. Our advisory team consists of professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in the insurance fraternity which is a golden feather in our cap.

Trusted Insurance Surveyor
& Loss Assessors

a€?Insurance is still a very nascent concept in India. With people still reluctant to buy insurance for their own good, and considering it an avoidable expense we considered it an opportunity to serve the industry and the customers with our technical knowledge and the love for insurance field. We have been able to deliver in terms of quality and quantity and we have grown manifolds with spectacular performance and entire credit goes to our clients who trusted us, and our team mates who are always on toes to deliver what we as company dreamt.a€?
  • Justice to the deserving.
  • Customer & Employee satisfaction
  • Establishing trust and fulfilling promises to all stakeholders with utmost care and minimum TAT
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